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Have you Ever Thought About YOUR Organs? Weird Question, I Know...

Part of the holistic approach I take to healing YOU is to take a look at your different organ systems. Okay, so we are not opening you up on the table or anything, don’t worry! I am going to ask you several questions related to your overall health that speaks to the health of your organ system.

I find it is important to have a good understanding of how each organ functions and how they relate to each other when treating someone with a holistic approach. That’s why I have spent years studying both western and eastern methods to learn how our organ systems work and how I can take that knowledge and apply it into my practice.

I see this skill to be of greatest benefit when a client is referring to

pain or a chronic symptom that has a deeper root cause. Keeping in mind that the location of the symptom may not be the same as where the problem is located. On more than one occasion I have referred a client back to their doctor only to find out they have an easily treatable underlying issue.

This should seem obvious, but looking at the whole instead of it’s parts hasn’t been something that our big pharma friends have really wanted to push into mainstream thinking. I’m here to say that it is WAY past time we consider the whole person.


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