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Head Goat, Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, Herbalist

All About Me

Wow! It's been almost 20 years since I began my journey as a Licensed Massage Therapist. 

Twenty years is a long time and though it feels like it as I reminisce on a lifetime of opportunity and growth massage has given me, it also feels as though no time has passed. 

Always on a journey, I strive to continue to grow every day to become the best version of myself and to bring that into the lives of every client I meet. I am extremely fortunate enough to be the bright spot in so many people's days, weeks, or years. I have traveled across the world working as a Massage Therapist and I bring that culture and understanding to every service I give. Even in times of stress, massage and my clients have brought me gratitude. I am lucky.


I began school to become a Certified Vitalist Herbalism at the beginning of 2020 before all the craziness ensued. Though, I wouldn't say this is a path I just began walking.

I've always been on the path of self-discovery, wanting to live an honest and fulfilling life. Because of that, I have been fortunate enough to explore cultures not only in the classroom studying Biocultural Anthropology but while working aboard cruise ships with coworkers and neighbors from every country in the world. I am also an avid traveler and love to experience the people and cultures of every place I visit. 

Someone recently called me the "Indiana Jones of Plants". First, I would like to mention how my heart fluttered. Indiana Jones was my jam when I was a kid and whom I wanted to be when I grew up! Though, I could do with a bit less adrenaline. The Vitalist Herbalist path I am currently walking is bringing so much excitement and joy into my life. I am a natural problem solver and like to dive into the layers of a problem or issue and get to the root of the problem. 

I hope I see you at my massage table soon or meet you for a Herbalism consultation. Until then, stay tuned for updates to our Blog and new services being offered.  

As of January 2023, I am not accepting new bodywork clients until further notice. My schedule and waitlist are full (thank goodness) and I am redirecting my attention. I am working on being more present and available to the other massage therapists as well as to clients and guests that come in to explore the space. I am also making space to dive more deeply into herbalism and expand those offerings, whatever they may be, as we progress through the year. It is also important for the business as a whole to allow the other practitioners space and opportunity to grow. So, we are working together to develop and grow their practice within the walls of The Pushy Goat. 






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