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Clear Mind Package


Schedule in January and take 15% off your visit. 

Our Clear Mind Package is approximately 1.5-2 hours in length. You will begin your visit with our relaxing Mellow Mindtrip Tea session. Utilizing Ayurvedic Herbs,  our Mellow Mind Tea nourishes your mind and your nervous system encouraging you to relax& unwind. 

Once you have given yourself a moment to unwind, your Ayurvedic Ear Candling Ritual begins. Since ancient times, many cultures including the Egyptians, Romans, & Greeks, have used the traditional natural therapy of ear candling on a spiritual level, to purify and cleanse the aura. The candle gently burns down it is believed to act like a ‘chimney’ creating a light vacuum effect. The flicker of the flame also creates vibrations that massage the eardrum. The herbal vapors from the lit candle also swirl into the ear canal, helping to soothe and balance. 

Two candles are used per ear as well as a nourishing Ayurvedic Ear Oil and Nasya Oil to promote healthy sinuses. 

Complete your visit with our Hemp Infused Sauna Wrap. You will be cocooned in our weighted sauna blanket enjoying a 'productive nap' while your body gets to work boosting immunity & relieving tension and stress. 

Mangosteen Pore Refining Facial


Schedule in January and take 15% off your visit. 

Mangosteen is known as the "Queen of Fruits" and contains a special type of antioxidant capturing free radical compounds, they prevent environmental damage to the skin while anti-inflammatory benefits further protect skin cells from destruction and help diminish the visible signs of aging. Mangosteen also promotes microcirculation which improves the appearance of the skin, reducing pores, unveiling a glow.

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