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Your Wellness is Our Priority

While all massage has healing effects, our services focus on specific needs, providing relaxation, and remedy where you need it most. It is important to note that our professional massage & bodywork services are entirely customized to the client on our tables. Please note that our service prices are based on a tiered structure that reflects the experience level of each practitioner. 

Below you will find a brief explanation of the types of services you will find at The Pushy Goat. Please explore each section further to find the service(s) that are right for you! If you are looking for services that complement each other, please call or email any questions. 

We are grateful for the opportunity given to us. The trust in our abilities that clients & guests show us, as well as word-of-mouth referrals, help us not only grow our reach in the community around us but provide an opportunity to learn & expand our practices.

Luxury Spa

Traditional Massage & Bodywork

Within our Traditional Massage & Bodywork section, you will find popular services that you can find at most places, with some unique exceptions. 

At The Pushy Goat, we feel it is our responsibility as professionals to work with each client to determine techniques & modalities that are best for each individual.  We have taken the guesswork out of scheduling services and have streamlined this process with our Integrative Massage techniques.

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Specialty Massage & Bodywork

In this section, you will find services unique to The Pushy Goat. Our licensed massage practitioners have developed services based on traditional practices that are enhanced by our experiences with complimentary modalities & continuing education.

While some names may sound familiar, don't expect the ordinary. We take pride in our craft & our ability to hold healing space for our clients. While our services follow a certain structure & path, each service is unique to the individual on the table. 

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Reiki Treatment
Aromatherapy Massage

Holistic Therapies

While we enjoy all the services we offer, it is in our Holistic Therapies section that we really get to dive into wellness in a more unique way.

In this section, you will find modalities inspired by ancient Ayurvedic traditions, Reiki (energy work), body treatments, & more. If you are looking to enhance your traditional services or to connect more deeply on your journey to wellness, explore these modalities. 


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Service Enhancements

In this section, you will find treatments that are meant to enhance your bodywork session. 

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Relaxing Candles

Please Note:

*Practitioners, services, & products at The PG are in no way meant to treat, diagnose, or prevent disease or any other health-related issue. Please acknowledge the 'scope of practice limitations of your provider.

*Our cozy space is located in an older, two-story home. If you have difficulty managing stairs, please let us know at the time of booking so we can be sure to accommodate you in one of the main floor treatment rooms. 



Twenty-four (24) hours' notice is required for canceling appointments. If we are notified within those twenty-four (24) hours, a cancellation fee will be applied to the card used to hold your appointment. If given enough notice, we will try to fill the appointment time to avoid the 50% cancellation fee. However, if we are unable to fill the time due to short notice, the fee will be applied.

In the event of a NO-CALL/NO-SHOW, a cancellation fee of 100% of the scheduled service will be applied to the card used to hold your appointment. Treatments will be considered as a NO-CALL/NO-SHOW 15 minutes after the start of the scheduled appointment time. 



Health Intake Forms & Liability Waivers must be completed before your appointment begins. All of these have been emailed or texted to you, but are also listed on our website.



Please be sure to arrive at least five (5) minutes prior to your scheduled start time. Arriving early allows you time to check in, have a sip of water, & use the restroom. Your scheduled service time indicates when your service begins. Late arrival will take away from your service time so as to not interfere with clients scheduled after you.



Our environment is unique. Being aware of your surroundings & the existence of others sharing the space allows everyone to enjoy their service(s). Please be sure to quiet your cell phones (or turn them off) & avoid taking phone calls while in the lobby/waiting area or in the treatment rooms. Sound carries, especially in a space that encourages quiet contemplation & relaxation. Please remember that voices carry. When in the lobby/waiting area & making your way to your treatment room, we ask that you speak at a low volume so as to not interrupt the services of others.


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