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Please take a moment to fill out our online forms before your scheduled service. We are asking that masks be worn in the main areas of the building. We understand wearing a mask is challenging and sometimes impossible during services. Don't worry, we will be wearing masks during your service though. We take every precaution necessary to ensure our treatment rooms are sanitized before and after each treatment.

During this time, we ask that you only bring yourself to your scheduled appointment. Children should not be left unattended at any time and must go into the treatment room with you. Under normal conditions we are trying our best to create a relaxing environment for everyone, please be mindful of this when walking through the space. In addition, because of contact tracing and reducing the number of people in our space at any given time, only those with scheduled appointments are asked to be on the premises. Please have arrangements made before your scheduled appointment time.

Let's talk business ...

Cancellation Policy ...

The Pushy Goat needs 24 hours' notice. If you cancel with less than that, they have to charge you 50% of the service price. Don't make them be those guys. Someone else definitely wanted your spot, don't be lame. Respect the time man. The Pushy Goat is cool, she does understand emergencies.

Due to some unruliness in the herd, some changes are needing to be made. If you are no-show or last-minute cancel three times, you can still schedule. However, the fee will be 100% of the service booked and in some instances, we may ask you to pre-pay for your appointment. 

Thank you for scheduling your service(s) with us at The Pushy Goat.Cancellation Policy: We require 24 hours' notice to change or cancel an appointment. In the event that we are not given 24 hours' notice, your card will be charged 50% of the original service fee. If you have 2+ services booked we will charge 100% of the service fees. For those "bad eggs" that have last minute canceled or no-showed two (2) times, we will always charge you 100% of the service and we reserve the right to require pre-payment or partial deposit. Any issues or questions may be directed toward Jennifer. 

Illness: Please don’t get us sick. Call us if you are not feeling well. We totally get it. Please don’t get us sick. We will have to close down, probably for a mandatory 14 days. It isn’t just your practitioner that will be affected, but also everyone else that comes to The Pushy Goat works at The Pushy Goat and all the family & friends that we will all inevitably come into contact with. Please stay home, just give us a heads up and we will make sure to get you rescheduled for a later date. We actively encourage you and our practitioners to stay home if they are experiencing symptoms of acute respiratory illness or fever.


Cleanliness (for you): Please wash up before your massage or facial. We know a lot of you are coming straight from work, which is totally cool. Please just don’t jog 10 miles and hop on our tables right after. Remember, we are here to make you feel wonderful. The first step is to feel clean. We’re all able to enjoy the time more if you are clean. We promise we will be clean too.


Cleanliness (Our part): We all take pride in what we do and want you to feel rest assured that we do our absolute best to follow all state and local guidelines for the sanitization of our common areas as well as our treatment rooms. With the exception of an occasional dust bunny that has escaped our view, we take time and put special care into wiping down all surfaces in each room before and after every treatment. All of our linens are changed between each and every service and our tables are sprayed with professional-grade sanitizer before and after each treatment as well.


Don’t Be Tardy For The Party: You know the time of your appointment, you scheduled it together with the help of Online Booking or the Staff here at The Pushy Goat. You also get a lot of really annoying text and email reminders. We are always so happy to see you and understand that there are sometimes circumstances beyond your control, however, due to other appointments scheduled, resetting the room, sanitizing, et cetera, we won’t be able to extend the time of your appointment. Someone else is eagerly awaiting their scheduled service after yours. Please be on time.


Cell phones: Please, quiet your cell phones. Step outside to make calls-after all, you aren’t the only person here in this drafty old building trying to get your relaxation on. Please, be mindful of others. As we mentioned, this drafty old building is super quirky but can be creaky and we do get street noise, let’s not compound it with cell phones ringing and loud conversations. Which reminds me, can we try to keep talking in the common areas and treatment rooms to a minimum? Let’s think of “indoor voices”.

Gift Certificates: These MUST be present in order to be redeemed. Unfortunately due to some individuals taking advantage of the honor system, we now really have to enforce this. Bummer, I know. Gift certificates may only be used for services, not on products.


Communication: If there are any concerns, please tell Jennifer. It will get handled to the best of her abilities and in as fair a manner as possible. If you have something nice to say, PLEASE tell us that as well! We LOVE that!


Professionalism: We strive to personalize every service for each and every one of you, remain professional but also have fun and enjoy life as well. That being said, we offer PROFESSIONAL services at The Pushy Goat. We won’t disrespect you and we won’t tolerate disrespect from you. We are all just trying to live life to the fullest, enjoy our careers and help people feel better. Please remember it is your choice to receive services from practitioners at The Pushy Goat. You also have to understand that there is no guarantee that we can fix all of your problems/issues/pains/stress, especially in one visit. We will always do our best to accommodate and help you achieve your desired results. You should also acknowledge that we don’t offer services that replace or should be considered a substitute for medical care, issues, etc. and you should probably update us if anything changes. Cool?

We are professionals with years of experience, we only want what is best for you! If we give you homework, it would be amazing if you could try to do your part when you aren’t with us and follow through. We know, it is easier said than done. It will help you achieve your desired results sooner.


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