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What are you holding onto?

When clients come in with an acute area of pain, we hear, “I don’t know what I did to myself?”

My first response is to let them know that it could be any number of things & likely the mechanical patterns will never repeat themselves. With those that I feel are open to the idea, I tend to ask them, “what are you holding on to?”

Even seasoned massage clients tend to tense themselves & brace for pressure. Subconsciously they want to help by holding their arm, lifting their legs, & trying to anticipate what my next move or technique will be. Very rarely can they and in fact it just offers resistance. It makes providing a healing treatment more difficult then if the client can just relax into it. 

I’ve spoken before about the intention of the healer, your massage practitioner, when entering a treatment room and while providing the service. The intention should be set in the present, focusing on the client in front of them, and doing what is best for them.

 But just as important is the intention with which you show up to your service. What are your goals? Whether you are presenting with an acute case, chronic, or just in need of some therapeutic touch, allow your intention to be a part of that. Breathing into the area you feel pain and tenderness, as well as supporting your intention throughout the service, brings a new depth into your bodywork session. 

Remember, you do what you speak and you are what you think. Your body listens to your mind. Our bodies are amazing. Our bodies respond to thought on a hormonal & biochemical level. I want to support you in changing the narrative in which you speak to yourself. 

Instead of asking, “What did I do to myself?” ask, “What have I not done for myself?”

Rather than asking, “What am I holding on to?” ask, “What am I not letting go of?” 

Then, pause and reflect on yourself & what your body & mind are saying. 


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