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Ever heard of a DOSHA?

I practice and have studied Ayurveda. Which relies on the framework of doshas. They are the energies that define every person's constitution.

In Ayurveda, there are five elements that are found in all living things: ether, air, fire, water, and earth. These are believed to be the building blocks of life.

While this foundation unites us all, the manifestation of these elements through the doshas is what gives rise to our different constitutions. How the three doshas appear, and in what proportion, is what makes each of us unique.

The role the doshas play is a dynamic one, constantly changing in response to situations, weather and stress. Your tendencies, good or bad, that you live are manifestations of your dosha. You may be inclined to go all in on a pint of ice cream, lose hours flipping through Tik Tok or refuse to slow down and rest when you need it most. While it seems like a ‘duh’ statement, your habits influence your make-up in positive or negative ways. And that influences your overall health.

I have a background in Ayurveda, therefore I am naturally inclined to consider one’s dosha. Additionally, each individual has an innate dosha, one that we are born with and remains consistent throughout life and outlines our predisposition for health. We also have an assumed dosha, which is what we ‘turn into’ based on environmental factors, diet, expertise, etc.

My goal is always to get the assumption to match the innate. Understanding your dosha and natural rhythms and tendencies is the first step in treating YOU as a holistic person.


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