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The Moon, Energy, & YOU!

We’ve all known about the lunar cycle and most of us have probably heard that the different phases of the cycle present energy differently.

The molecules that make up your body & the world around us are constantly vibrating. The only thing that varies is the speed at which they vibrate. That depends on your mood, health, and environment.

Though most of us probably think more about the full moon first because of its bold, bright appearance, the new moon is the first phase of the lunar cycle. The energy presented with this lunar phase is similar to “awakening”. It is the perfect time to launch new ideas and take actions on new ways of life, fresh starts.

During the new moon, we don’t want to jump into anything, think of it as a slow ramp-up to new beginnings. This is a cycle, explore all your ideas that have been tumbling around during the complete phase of the new moon. When setting intentions for the new lunar cycle, it is best to meditate on these during the first three days of the new moon.

The new moon is also a great time to clear energy from yourself, other people, places, and things. A way to start anew!

The first quarter or waxing moon encompasses themes around pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and enacting intentions that you envisioned during the new moon.

According to Ayurvedic principles, this phase of the lunar cycle is about elevating. The waxing moon is governed by the water/earth elements which allows our bodies to rebuild. Thus gathering strength and energy.

This phase is ruled by Kapha. Everything is amplified during this stage, which gives us a great opportunity to focus on things we want to improve in our lives. Think about boosting your immune system, improving sleep and clearing blockages with our Chakras. All in order to heighten your senses and allow your energy to move more freely.

The full moon.

Everyone knows a full moon. It’s usually the favorite or the one that gets blamed for everything.

It is big, bold, & bright. It is also the most powerful of all the lunar phases.

It encourages you to try new things and achieve goals that you have been wanting to fulfill. So, check back in with those intentions you set during the new moon phase...

It is also a time that can make people more sensitive and aware of their emotions, so taking time to relax during this phase is a great idea. The full moon is a time of completion. Remember, all things must come to an end to fulfill their beginnings.

The last quarter or waning moon is a time of surrender.

It is a great time to tidy up loose ends and even your space. Clearing stagnant energy is a great way to create a void so it can be filled, whether with new goals, friends, or relationships. Book a reiki session to clear your aura.

It is also a perfect time for letting go so you can begin anew (remember, the new moon is just around the corner). This is a perfect time to schedule a service that includes dry brushing with plant essence and massage.

Don’t overschedule yourself during this time. Allow yourself some time for rest, relaxation, and healing. One of my favorite ways to slow down is having a warm cup of herbal tea. Something that has an affinity for calming my nerves and working to relax my muscles. My favorite tea? Mellow Mindtrip Tea Session, let’s get you on the books and I’ll make you a cup!


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