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The TRUTH About CBD Massage Oil.

Guys, I was duped.

This all started five years ago when I started working for myself.

As I searched for enhancements for my massages, I came across CBD CLINIC Massage Oil and began utilizing it during services. It was a bit of trial and error finding one that worked well for clients. There were many that I liked but they would have issues for clients. One even had too much menthol, causing a client to become freezing throughout the service. Yikes!

Then there was the cost. The increase of service prices I have had to pass on due to the sheer cost of CBD oils is not something that has set well with me. CBD massage oil costs $100’s of dollars a gallon, I have seen some reach upwards of $600! This is crazy pants when you consider the lack of true benefits and when a simple carrier oil like sunflower, sesame, coconut or macadamia nut oil can cost only $30-$50 a gallon.

And the prices just kept rising just as quickly as the number of companies entering the market. I couldn’t keep up with all the companies marketing a new oil to both professionals and consumers alike and their increasing costs.

But the thing that really bothered me over the years was the fact that my hands were in this oil ALL DAY LONG. And...they weren’t feeling any better. As a matter of fact, and as time went on, the worse they felt. I blame that on overuse and blind faith in a product. I kept slapping that stuff on there even if clients weren’t paying for the upgraded service cost. I was in pain and so were my clients.

The cost for the oils kept increasing and I continued to not get the results I was touting to my clients. And I continued to search and search for a CBD Massage Oil that I felt would benefit both my clients and myself all while being affordable.

Well, turns out, the joke was on ALL OF US.

In the ongoing search for a quality CBD massage oil, I came upon some information that was actually published over four years ago.

As one owner of a dispensary in Colorado states (she used to specialize in CBD products exclusively), “the reason there are so many companies offering this product can be explained easily, because people are gullible.”

The fact is that most CBD oil and topical products out there being sold to the general public, aren’t effective beyond the third or fourth layer of the dermis.

That means that their benefits, while they still have them, are really only skin deep.

Unless the product labels TRANSDERMAL, it will not penetrate the dermis to bind to your receptors. To gain the benefits we all are craving we need it to be transdermal. That's where CBD will interact with the receptors responsible for a parasympathetic activity like anxiety, insomnia and other benefits that are touted.

What we all really want is CBG, this is what binds to the receptors responsible for pain and inflammation and what I would want to use during a massage. Sadly, most CBD oils being sold do not have CBG.

After learning all of this I was reintroduced to Ayurveda. It was like it was meant, that this knowledge found its way back to me and into my practice. It has given me the freedom to move away from CBD.

Discontinuing our Hemp Infused CBD massages and other services has been bittersweet but the best decision I can make for you, my cherished clients. We are moving our practice to work with herbal oils infused with ancient Ayurvedic recipes specifically designed to help with muscle and joint mobility, strengthening, pain, & inflammation. But because the oils we use utilize the whole plant, the whole person benefits. And they get RESULTS.

Integrity has always been essential to me, and I’m sure all of us here agree, we can’t continue on as if we don’t know the truth about CBD massage oil. Don’t get me wrong, there are some benefits to topical CBD oil. In cases where there is irritation or inflammation of the epidermis, CBD oil can work to alleviate the symptoms of the flare up.

I’m all about quality not expense. I am about results not trends. I am about healing the whole person.


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