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Embracing Change & Nurturing Growth

Change is an inherent part of any thriving business. As we embark on the fall and winter seasons, it is essential to update our valued clients and followers with the latest developments in our business. This message is aimed to inform and inspire as we navigate the upcoming & recent changes, including a decrease in staff and a return to our fundamental principles. Just as nature roots down and inward during this time of year, we too must cultivate our core values. Moreover, we eagerly anticipate exciting new prospects and adventures in the near future.

Embracing Change

Change, though sometimes unsettling, often becomes the catalyst for growth. As part of our ongoing commitment to improving our services and streamlining our operations, we will be decreasing our staff. This decision, while challenging, is essential to ensure more focused efforts on the quality of services and time spent in the treatment room with our clients. By recognizing the need for change and embracing it, we are laying the foundation for a stronger and more resilient future. As some of you may have noticed over the last couple of months, we have needed to adjust appointment times or reschedule appointments altogether. In the midst of this, we came to the realization that more is not always best, and oftentimes less is more! In order to increase the quality of our time with you and decrease the need to shift appointments so frequently, we've reduced our practitioners to a core few that hold reliable quality, consistent work to the highest standard. As for how this directly affects clients on my table, there will be more scheduling opportunities and fewer interruptions that inevitably happen when managing others.

Another major change comes to the front of the house. While we valued the time spent with our receptionist, Alyssa, there always comes a time for re-evaluation. Upon sitting down with Alyssa, we discussed that both the needs of the business and her own no longer aligned. Therefore, while we wish her all the best, she has decided to take a moment to pause and reflect on her path forward in life. Not having a receptionist can have both positive and negative effects. Some perceived negative effects may include increased wait times or difficulty scheduling services. However, without a receptionist, we can offer more personalized attention and care to each individual because we will be handling aspects of appointment scheduling ourselves. As many of you know, we often schedule several appointments ahead of time, so finding a time when planning ahead shouldn't be an issue. We also offer online scheduling which provides automated communications concerning appointment reminders and more. Overall, while this may present some challenges, it isn't anything new or unique and it allows for more intimate and personalized experiences for both the client and practitioner.

Returning to the Three Basics

In the midst of change, it is crucial to reorient ourselves to our core principles and values. Just as nature embraces stillness and turns inward, we too must reflect on our foundations. We will focus on three fundamentals: quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. These core values have guided us since our inception, and by reinforcing and nurturing them, we lay a solid foundation to drive our future professional growth. Through reconnecting with these basics, we can refocus our energies and deliver reliable treatments and increased value to our clients.

Weaving Change into the Seasons

As we embrace this time of introspection, we will utilize this time to plant seeds of transformation in our business. Our aim is to nurture growth from within, just as nature does. We are excited to embrace fresh ideas, refine old ideas, and adapt to the ever-evolving needs of our clients. By aligning with the cycles of nature, we embrace a sustainable and organic form of growth that resonates with the very essence of our existence.

Exciting Things on the Horizon

Among the numerous exciting prospects awaiting us, one includes partnering with our friend, Pam Edmondson at Skin Essentials for her upcoming Shed the Dead Event. This private event takes place on October 13th and includes seasonal treatments, swag bags, "Chilling Cocktails & Supernatural Snacks", and more! Spaces are limited, but tickets are still available through this link.

Trisha and I will be traveling to participate in a three-day workshop focused on Vedic Thai Yoga Bodywork. While this is a new adventure for Trisha, I am looking forward to enhancing my practice and diving deeper into this fascinating modality. This workshop will have us out of the office the first weekend of November.

Moreover, we are delighted to announce the return of our Customer Appreciation event on October 28th. It has been four years since we last had the opportunity to gather and celebrate with our clients and followers. We look forward to seeing you there and celebrating our collective journey. We hope this event will foster an atmosphere of camaraderie and allow us to showcase how far we've come. Stay tuned for updates, but mark your calendars! We hope to have you stop by on October 28th from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. We eagerly anticipate the connections, conversations, and possibilities that await us.


As we embark on this transformative journey, we recognize the importance of keeping you abreast of the changes happening within our business. With warmth and positivity, we want to assure you that despite the shifting landscape, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering. Just as nature roots down and seeks introspection, we too embrace change and tap into our intrinsic potential. Let us embark on this new chapter with a shared sense of excitement as we navigate this change, and the months ahead, with resilience and determination.

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