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"How to Add Yourself to Our Online Waitlist: A Step-by-Step Guide"

We are thrilled that you want to visit us for one of our therapeutic services at The Pushy Goat! Luckily for us, our schedules do tend to fill up quickly, so if you are new to our space or are a return client who didn't have the opportunity to pre-book, please read through our step-by-step guide below to add yourself to our online waitlist.

Firstly, and most important, if you find yourself needing to add yourself to our waitlist I would like to encourage you to schedule yourself a service at a future date before you add yourself to the waitlist. This ensures that you are guaranteed a spot in the future and once you are here it is much easier to rebook at the time of your service and get yourself into our client rotation. Adding yourself to the waitlist does not guarantee that you will be moved off and given an appointment. We do get cancellations, but not always. Also, our booking software will send out a text message with a link to everyone on the waitlist that may have requested that specific day and time. Therefore, the first person to respond and accept the appointment will get that spot. Sometimes it happens very quickly, others it may be open for a day or two depending on how far into the future the cancellation/opening is on the schedule. However, if you are someone who likes to live life on the edge and take the gamble, it isn't required to book out into the future, but it is highly recommended.

The steps for waitlisting a service are the same whether you're on the web or mobile app version of Vagaro (our booking software).

  1. When you arrive at The Pushy Goat booking page, simply click on the "Book Now" button and then select the "Services" option to proceed.

  2. Select a service, provider, and date from the lists and click Search.

  3. At the end of the screen, after all the appointment options, click Add to Waitlist.

  4. On the Add to Waitlist screen, you can change the person you are booking for, select employees to add, and add days and time ranges.

  5. Select a Service Provider from the drop-down list. You can select multiple providers.

  6. In Select Time choose from time ranges of Anytime, Morning, Afternoon, or Evening.

  7. Select Add Waitlist Date & Time to add another date and time. (You can add up to five.)

  8. When you're finished, click Add to Waitlist.

  9. You'll see a confirmation message stating that you've been added to the Waitlist.

  10. To manage your waitlisted appointments, go to your profile and click Appointments.

  11. Select the Upcoming tab.

  12. Waitlisted appointments display a red Waitlist chip by the appointment.

  13. You can remove yourself from the waitlist by clicking Remove from Waitlist and confirming that choice.

  14. You'll see a Book button if there's an open appointment. Select it to go to the booking page and finish booking the appointment. (Once you book an appointment that was waitlisted, all other waitlist date/time options are removed from your Upcoming list.)

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