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Your massage schedule is just as UNIQUE as YOU!

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

How often should you really get a massage?

The answer is it depends!

In Ayurvedic traditions, daily massage is encouraged and cultivated through the practice of abhyanga. It is ingrained at a young age the importance of calming the nervous system and nourishing the body in this way.

Not only is abhyanga taught to children, but every aspect of Ayurveda through the importance of digestion, healthy routines, and honoring the body & mind.

The central theme of it all is trusting yourself and your body’s natural intelligence.

In western traditions, while it is important to note there is no “one size fits all”, it’s typically accepted that monthly massages will suffice for a happy life.

However, I feel that there are several factors leading to the myth of the “monthly maintenance” massage. From what I have observed, this stems mainly from the idea that “time is money”. Scheduling self-care can be challenging because of time constraints and budgets. It can also be due to the lack of interest in putting oneself first because of guilt or lack of awareness. When in all actuality the unawareness surrounding the benefits of massage should hold most of the blame.

Most people seek out massage because of pain. Letting themselves get so stressed out and neglected physically that they are in NEED of a massage NOW.

If this rings true, you are not alone. Even seasoned massage veterans do this.

Years ago, I recall noticing that clients were so caught up seeking instant pain relief that they asked the therapist (okay, me) to work on them for 60 minutes, only focusing on the area that HURT, and wanted to waltz out of there without having to do anymore work. AND expecting to be 100% healed. As much as I would love it to be, that’s not real life.

Thankfully, the last few years I have seen a shift to a much more health-conscious direction with most of my clients. Taking care of your whole self everyday allows for massage to help you further your health goals instead of it being the fix.

At the Pushy Goat we will help get you on the right path and address all your concerns with appointments and set a cadence that fits YOUR goals. Just know it might take a little homework if you want a speedier recovery!

How customizable is your next session?

The answer? VERY!

You have already taken the first step by allowing a trained massage therapist to help alleviate pain & tension and to work towards a goal. Hooray! Now together you and your practitioner will build a plan that fits with the results you would like to accomplish.

This may take a few minutes of discussion because not every session should have the same approach, because not every client has the same problem they would like to address. Naturally, we shouldn’t expect the same results on the same timeline for every client. Also, not every client comes in with a “problem to fix” and ultimate relaxation is the reward. Figuring out what YOU need and what YOUR goals are are always the first step in crafting a wellness plan for the whole you, not just today’s ache or pain.

While the plan we craft together is specific to each person, a starting place is to focus on the concern of the moment while relaxing pain is just a symptom of a bigger underlying problem. That can take time and several visits to actually see meaningful improvement.

So how long should you book your next visit for?

It depends on your wellness goals.

It takes more time than one 60 minute visit to fix your neck, your lower back, your hip, your left foot, alleviate your headache and ease sinus tension.

It may be that just your upper body can swallow up an hour.

The solution? More is always more.

Ninety-minute massages are an amazing alternative to an hour-long massage.

Not only do your trouble issues get addressed, but your practitioner also has the time to release tension in your feet and everywhere else. And yes, it is SO worth it!

If 90 minutes seems like too much or a little expensive than book one in between your 60 minute sessions. A lot of times, sixty-minute massages are relaxing, but can also be utilized for focused work and are great to pepper between longer sessions.

For those more time and budget strapped, 60-minutes is plenty of time to work on a trouble spot and get some relaxation in.

Can’t wait for your next session and want to squeeze in a little self care? Pop in for 30-minutes to focus solely on yourself. Cause, YOU are worth it!!

Want to really achieve some wellness goals? Then ask us what you can do at home. We are always thrilled to give you recommendations and steps you can take on your own to release tension and ease stress.

As you cultivate your self-care, massage becomes a part of the ritual. You heal your body & ease your mind.

The goal for us at the Pushy Goat is always to heal with bodywork. Getting your body & mind to a place of well-being that allows you pain relief, relaxation and allows you to go further between sessions.

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