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What is Elevate Me Naturally?

This project has been “in the works” for several years I would say. When I was younger I worked aboard cruise lines as a massage therapist. Of course travel was on the forefront of my brain, but what I didn’t realize I was going to get was exposure to many different cultures from all over the world on a ship only 880 ft long, carrying 2,700 passengers and 833 crew members…and this was just the first ship.

Because of my experience working with all of these people from all over the world, I realized my passion for educating myself on how people lived within their natural environment. I have never been one to need a 5 star hotel when traveling and would rather immerse myself deeply within the community to see what day to day life was like.

This passion led me to explore my undergraduate degree in Biocultural Anthropology, which studies the evolution of peoples and cultures in relation to their environment. I studied how and why people evolved the way they did (and do) around the World. It was a bonus for my Massage Therapy career to have all of the extra, “meatier”, education in human anatomy & physiology, as well as the deeper understanding as to WHY people behave and act the way they do. RIGHT. UP. MY. ALLEY.

It was at this point that I moved into my car and began small, unpublished, ethnographies involving my day to day experience of living, but also a project titled, “There is Space on My Blanket”. Where I wrote down notes and impressions of individuals I met on a daily basis. I also had a million other tinier projects and journals I worked on as well.

But what does this have to do with Elevate Me Naturally? I have always been a person that has had an insatiable thirst for learning about human behaviors. Not just to learn those of others, but to utilize this information to better understand myself.

Elevate Me Naturally, was born from an idea to journal my experience through my education to become an Holistic Herbalist. From there, as I continued to stare at the screen and produce nothing, I decided to just type and see where it took me. Maybe a journey into my brain’s timeline/thought process would help me to express my thoughts towards what I was learning?

It was also started during the Stay in Place Orders during COVID-19. Why is this important? Because not being able to communicate and work with my clients on a daily basis and learn from them, then to go back and apply it to my studies, really hindered my learning process. So, now, I just type. I am trying to just get my brain going.

I believe that the Natural World has more answers & connections to our Natural Selves. Not only am I trying to connect with this world to help better serve my clients, but to better understand myself, my body, my health and the way I should naturally be interacting with the World and Living Things around me.

“Plant Hugger”

Elevate Me Naturally, is my journey to better knowing & healing myself in order to better help those around me.

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