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The “NEW” Herbal Oils

CBD Massage Oil isn’t the only Herbal Oil that’s beneficial during your service! That’s why we infuse our own Sesame and Sunflower oils!

I’ve REALLY been enjoying my time I spend learning about not only herbs that can HELP us but more specifically how they help the INDIVIDUAL in front of me. Right now, a lot of that attention is turned inward as I discover how best to help myself with pain and inflammation as well as encourage my body and it’s tissues toward a more natural, sustainable approach to health.

Not all herbs are great for everyone, however, I’ve chosen a few superstars to highlight in our oil this month!

In all their glory & the reasons these gentle herbs are a wonderful addition to your massage service:

🌱 Calendula (...psst these are your Marigolds people!):

With a long history in folk medicine, Marigolds have been used primarily in topical applications on wounds, eczema, burns and is a top contender for use in first aid treatments. It also has some affinity towards our lymphatic systems (which we are dumping stuff into during a massage 😉) stimulating the drainage of specific inflamed lymph nodes. It’s also that is definitely a good thing!

🌱 Lavender:

I know this one seems OBVIOUS due to it’s known energetic properties and affinity towards relaxing the nervous system, but it’s also an anti-septic, can be categorized as a sedative, but also it has energetic properties that aid in the relief of rheumatism. Honestly, I used to not be a “fan” of lavender, I used to get a headache from the scent (people probably using fragrance oils ), the more I learn from this plant , the more I grow to love it and am happy to work with it every day to bring its benefits to you all!

🌱 Basil:

Yes! Basil! I chose this sweet, herbaceous little friend because most of all know about it...and because it’s unexpected...which I love. Another herb that has an affinity towards calming the nervous system, Basil helps to focus our minds and the warmth helps to relieve muscle tension in the head and neck ....we all have some of that, right?

Herbaceous, sweet and floral, our oil smells amazing and like it comes from the Earth . Not only will our massages leave you feeling relaxed because we’ve manually worked issues out of your tissues, but it continues as you travel on with your day as our little plant friends do there job soaking into your skin.

P.S. In Ayurvedic massage we tell people it’s best after your daily oil application (which I am excited to tell you about on another post) to stand in a warm shower and let the water flow over your body —with the herbal oil on— and let your pores open allowing the herbs to travel more deeply before apply a non-abrasive soap (or not, oil cleansing is a thing). Try it after your next massage! Your skin will feel even more soft and amazing!


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