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Jennifer Sauer: Who the HECK AM I?

Jennifer Sauer

Accidental Entrepreneur, Head Goat, Massage Therapist, Pepper’s Person, Student of People, Plants, & Energy, Lover of Plants and currently working on cultivating myself on becoming a better person & Holistic Healer.

Introductions of oneself oftentimes provokes thoughts of stress, fear of judgment, and pressure. At times, as we begin to peel away the layers, we realize that ‘stressors’ and ‘pressures’ are dynamic, constantly changing with both our external and internal environments.

So, who is Jennifer Sauer?

First and foremost, I am a driven, innovative and ambitious individual that also struggles with appalling bouts of procrastination, indecisiveness, & insecurity. I am aware that I have to consciously stop myself from continually mulling things over in my head or coming up with a million excuses to not move forward. This is not unique to me, but what is unique is that we all seem to think no one else understands us for “feels the same way”. That is one thing I am undoubtedly good at. Pointing out the uncomfortable (for both myself and others) in order to overcome the obstacles stopping myself, and hopefully encouraging others to do the same. I have a propensity for growth but I often get stuck .

I have always enjoyed seeing how things naturally unfold and find that as I have learned to watch this in the world around me, I must also constantly have faith & trust in myself and the world around me to teach me to see the positive lessons that are offered. I struggle sometimes with not taking details into account, but then also overdoing it at times. Life’s purpose is about maintaining balance and becoming conscious, both mentally and spiritually. It is not only becoming conscious, but learning how to use the power that comes with being more aware. Therefore I find myself needing to remember that goals, hopes & aspirations matter in the simple day to day tasks in order to fulfill life’s greater message.

I am a person on a journey to accept my responsibility for the co-creation of my life, physical, mental & spiritual health and to encourage other’s to do the same. After all, I believe that the POWER of CHOICE is our ultimate challenge in this lifetime, a contract as biological Divine creations.

Of course, there is the chronology of my life. I will be happy to tell you places I’ve been and how I have gotten to where I am. However, I tend to find that is much for fun to learn in contextual conversations.

Now we journey into Elevate Me Naturally. What does this mean? What is the purpose?

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