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This, Not That: What is in, and isn't in, Natural Skincare Products

Have you been wanting to make a switch to a natural skincare line? Or curious about whether or not the skincare line you currently use is natural? Girl, I get it! Let’s break down ALL the things when it comes to choosing the best products for your skin.

What shouldn’t be, in a “natural” skincare product? Let me tell you…

  • Parabens: synthetic compounds used as preservatives. Parabens can be linked to disrupting hormones, increasing the risks of cancer, and can cause skin irritations.

  • Artificial fragrances and fragrant oils: There are thousands of chemicals that are found in artificial fragrant oils. These chemicals are known to be endocrine disruptors and can also affect hormones and reproductive systems.

  • Mineral oil and petroleum: These don’t carry the same risks as other ingredients, however they don’t moisturize and nourish your skin like other natural oils and butters. Instead, these can act as a barrier, which can clog pores and prevent toxins from leaving your body.

What SHOULD be in your natural skincare products?

  • Natural preservatives: It is important to keep harmful bacteria and mold out of your skincare products. There are natural preservatives, some derived from coconuts, that are a wonderful & effective alternative to chemical options.

  • Natural fragrances: This can be achieved through essential oils, or better yet, isolates fragrances found in nature. With Eminence Organics, the natural fragrances found in all of the products are derived from the fruits and plants IN each product.

  • Plant extracts, natural oils, & butters: natural oils, butters, & plant extracts give your skin the nourishment and nutrients it needs. Packed with fatty acids and vitamins that can moisturize and help improve the look and texture of your skin, leaving it silky soft.

At the Pushy Goat we LOVE Eminence Organics, all of their products are natural & organic. There is even a large portion that are vegan.

They also offer a biodynamic line, a step up from organic, “Beyond Organic”. Biodynamic farming methods both enhance the quality of agricultural ingredients and reduce environmental impact. What does this mean for your skin care? Think amplified organic: pure and potent ingredients that are even higher in vitamins, nutrients and active compounds.

Two of my favorites from the Beyond Organic line are the Facial Recovery Oil and Cornflower Recovery Serum. Both because of their nourishing and hydrating properties. The Facial Recovery Oil is the more deeply nourishing and hydrating of the two due to the properties of the olive oil, but the Clary Sage Oil calms the skin and balances the oil production. The Sage Leaf is an antioxidant that also helps improve the tone of the skin.

Their Cornflower Recovery Serum is light and improves the elasticity of the skin leaving it firmer and tighter. This serum is light and helps to reduce redness and irritation of the skin. Again, the Clary Sage helps to balance oil production and calms the skin. The cornflower and sea-buckthorn are vitamin and nutrient rich antioxidants that help to soothe and tone the skin.

Curious about Eminence Organics & other Natural Skincare products? Schedule a service with Annie, she’s got you!

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