The HAIRY Situation: A Thought-Provoking Journey About Shaving Before a Massage.

It happens every day. A client comes in and as we un-drape the first leg, it is inevitable to hear, “I shaved my legs for you today” or “I FORGOT to shave for you today, I am so sorry...” Ladies, you may think that you are saving an innocent bystander from touching your fuzzy gams, but I can say in all honesty we really won't notice!

First and foremost, women shaving their legs is a cultural and societal phenomenon. Here, in the U.S., it is considered normal and sometimes expected. However, in other cultures across the world, a woman with shaved legs would be considered a prostitute. Maybe neither is correct. Right?

If that isn’t enough let’s have a look at this another way and ease some tension on this minute act of personal hygiene. Most importantly we want you to relax during your appointment, physically and mentally, our treatment rooms are a judgment-free zone. Most men don’t shave their legs either! As long as your hair isn’t razor-sharp, don’t think twice about it.

Have you heard that shaving your legs before a pedicure is not recommended? “Shaving the legs may cause micro-fissures (like tiny nicks) in the skin, increasing your risk of infection after the pedicure,” Dr. Ploch, a Georgia-based dermatologist explain