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The HAIRY Situation: A Thought-Provoking Journey About Shaving Before a Massage.

Updated: May 8, 2022

It happens every day. A client comes in and as we un-drape the first leg, it is inevitable to hear, “I shaved my legs for you today” or “I FORGOT to shave for you today, I am so sorry...” Ladies, you may think that you are saving an innocent bystander from touching your fuzzy gams, but I can say in all honesty we really won't notice!

First and foremost, women shaving their legs is a cultural and societal phenomenon. Here, in the U.S., it is considered normal and sometimes expected. However, in other cultures across the world, a woman with shaved legs would be considered a prostitute. Maybe neither is correct. Right?

If that isn’t enough let’s have a look at this another way and ease some tension on this minute act of personal hygiene. Most importantly we want you to relax during your appointment, physically and mentally, our treatment rooms are a judgment-free zone. Most men don’t shave their legs either! As long as your hair isn’t razor-sharp, don’t think twice about it.

Have you heard that shaving your legs before a pedicure is not recommended? “Shaving the legs may cause micro-fissures (like tiny nicks) in the skin, increasing your risk of infection after the pedicure,” Dr. Ploch, a Georgia-based dermatologist explains. In addition, shaving your legs opens up your pores, inviting welcomed moisture and detoxification pathways, but pores are an exit and an entrance! Will this happen at your massage appointment? Probably not.

We use quality products here that benefit not only your skin and muscles but ours as well since our hands are in them all day! If we want your pores open so the herbs and plant extracts penetrate, we use moist heat to do that, so you don’t need to worry about that.

I am not saying you shouldn’t shave your legs. You do what you want to do with your own body. I am merely offering peace of mind and solace in the fact that after 20 years of massaging people almost every single day, NOT EVERYONE SHAVES THEIR LEGS EVERY DAY! In fact, a lot of people go months without shaving. Shaving sucks. Though the payoff feels amazing for the first 20 minutes until your body gets a chill, it takes a lot of time. Not to mention the temporary contortions you put your body into. Plus, remembering to buy a razor is also hard, am I right?!

Point is, you, do you. We don‘t notice your hairy legs, your hairy backs, or armpits. As long as you come in clean and ready to enjoy your service, we are happy. We want to offer you a space that allows you to let go. Let your muscles relax and your mind be at ease.

Remember this when you come to your next service then let that go and set those prickly calves free!


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