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Starting Fresh

Starting something new can be overwhelming. The best place to start? The beginning, of course!

Sometimes, a beginning is actually a new beginning. In the last few years, the world and all of us inhabiting it have been through a lot of shifts and changes. I’ve worked hard to be present and focused on the lessons to be learned from each situation. Sometimes though, I didn’t realize that those changes can lead to emptiness and pain.

Because let’s face it - it is HARD WORK focusing on yourself and your own growth in life.

I’ve always encouraged people to take things one day at a time and to not overcomplicate the situation. And wouldn’t you know - it works really well when I follow my own advice!

The beginning I’m working on right now is reintroducing The Pushy Goat, and all of the exciting things coming for the future around here. It’s been an eventful six years, with lots of lessons to be learned (and that’s an ongoing process).

All of the changes and lessons have led us to the place we are now, and I couldn’t be more thankful to redirect focus and energy back on my practice, and on what truly leads my heart.

The Pushy Goat is an inviting space where you can receive intentional, purposeful wellness services. We are a small collective of professional practitioners who are constantly expanding our knowledge and skillsets. This allows us to explore the avenues that we each feel best suit our growth not only as individuals but as our collective. You can find out about how each of us does just that by visiting the About Us section.

We focus on holistic wellness because we believe that by looking at our purpose and existence as a whole, we can lead our happiest lives and hold space for others on their wellness journeys.

Recently, I asked myself what dreams I have been pushing aside to please others. The resounding answer was simply the cultivation of knowledge that informs my practice of herbalism, and the space within my bodywork practice that supports (and is supported by) my herbalism practice.

A holistic approach to wellness is not only at the root of herbalism, it calls to me as a person. We learn that all pieces are needed to make a whole. Perfection is not expected, and the acknowledgment of imperfections is required. That’s a great lesson to be applied to all of life if you ask me.

I love being able to share with you the excitement of living our journey at The Pushy Goat. And I’m excited to learn right alongside you!

Our conversations are shifting away from “traditional” spa content, and into acknowledging our connection to the world around us - not just what we can get from it, but perhaps more importantly, what it can teach us.

The importance of holistic wellness is at the heart of all of us at The Pushy Goat. And we love being able to share it with all of you. Whether it’s massage and bodywork, energy work, herbalism, or other holistic education, we can help you feel more balanced and connected to yourself, and to the rest of the world.

Want to know more about practices you can put in place on your own in order to empower yourself? Contact us today!

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