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Moving on up!

We’ve had a moment to catch our breath!

It is an excellent opportunity to answer some of the top questions regarding our recent move. It may have seemed abrupt or even a little bewildering to some, but a lot of thought (and work!) went into the decision to leave our original home.

When we first announced our move, there was concern over whether the vibe of The Pushy Goat would change. For those who have had the opportunity to visit our new space, it’s apparent that we haven’t lost our charm.

When I started looking at options a year ago, I was also concerned about finding a location that kept the unique vibe of the space we worked in and allowed us to grow and elevate our surroundings.

I wasn’t going to make a decision that would force us to settle for something that wouldn’t make us, and our clients and guests, happy. It’s been wonderful to hear the positive response! We can’t wait for more people to explore our new location and investigate the neighboring businesses within The Collective!

Our previous location gave us an excellent foundation and taught us many lessons in adaptation. But it was time for us to enter this new phase of our journey in a space that set us up for unprecedented success.

You all know my desire to dive deeper into the world of herbalism and plant medicine - this was a major player in the decision to move. I wanted us to have a space that allowed the other practitioners and me to explore new ideas and create services and products that represent our passion and our individual interests.

The past six years taught me to be innovative and creative when growing a business and adapting to a space and its surroundings. I learned so many things and grew on so many levels. I will forever cherish the many hours spent with my parents and family working on our old space. I will forever be thankful for the lessons, time, and tears that were poured into the 509 location. However, it was time for new growth and challenges, and we were all ready for new energy.

The first thing you’ll notice at our new home is a better parking experience. After six years at The OG PG, we were well aware of the troubles that the parking lot presented. As businesses changed and the area saw more growth with franchise restaurants and coffee shops, parking and traffic became a bigger challenge.

At our 241 S. Lulu location, there is ample street parking as well as a few parking lots along Lulu that can accommodate vehicles without the headache of a traffic jam. In addition to easier parking, travel to and from The Pushy Goat is more seamless, with less chaotic intersections and ease of access to Kellogg and downtown and surrounding areas.

Another priority when looking at new locations was to decrease noise pollution. Not only do we not hear sirens, but there’s a more neighborhood-like vibe, with considerably diminished traffic noise as well. Plus, we love our new insulation and newer windows!

Everyone is so pleasantly surprised when they arrive. They see a two-story, bright white building with large, happy windows and a welcoming vibe. Upon entering, you’re greeted with the same good smells and smiling faces. We have maintained the feeling of a warm, cozy home but with a more open layout complete with a full kitchen.

This kitchen will be key when we finally get settled and start crafting our own herbal treats for you to try! We have a space that is dedicated to retail products carefully chosen to compliment the aesthetic of our environment and our practice, providing an opportunity for you to take holistic wellness home with you.

When you enter our warm, welcoming space, I have no doubt you will love it! So many wonderful things about our new location have improved the day-to-day lives of all of us working at The Pushy Goat. There is always a learning curve and a need to find a routine, but we all welcome change and growth opportunities. We are excited to think about what is on the horizon and can’t wait to share it with you!

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