EmPOWER to the People

If I were to ask you to think of nature, what would come to mind?

For me it’s trees, flowers, insects, rivers... At some point along the way we forgot to include ourselves within nature.

As we distanced ourselves from nature, medicinal practices followed suit. Indigenous and folk practices once encompassed the spiritual aspects of medicine and the world around us to obtain healing.

In this way, herbalism looks to reconnect us with nature, working to balance one’s internal constitution with the environment.

Herbalism isn’t meant to be an elitist thing where we are only meant to gather with other herbalists. Traditionally, it is known as the “people’s medicine”, as herbalists we should strive to empower others to explore natural medicines and educate ourselves of the world around us and how we can live in synergy with our plant & animal friends.

Over time, the plant kingdom has been marginalized, making it seem ‘inferior’ to humans. As we recognize our place in nature, and begin to connect in a holistic way, we become more conscious of life.