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Brush Away the Stress: Dry Brushing Demystified

I’d like you to take this opportunity to check in with yourself. Go ahead, do it…

I have several questions!

We have discussed cultivating a daily ritual for self-care/love in previous posts. Have you developed and continued practicing a daily ritual?

Cool, cool.

We introduced abhyanga in a previous post, did you try it? How is it going? Have you noticed any changes? Are you ready to include another step in your self-care routine?

Yeah dude, let’s do it!

I recently had a conversation with a client and it made me realize that we need to COMPLETELY change the way we look at our dry skin and exfoliation routines. Don’t worry I’ll break it all down!

Large companies want you to believe that exfoliating 2-3 times a week is the answer to shedding dead skin and will cure your dry skin. Most of these products contain a “moisturizing” agent such as a coconut oil base or cream base. This is a temporary solution at best.

If you want to alleviate your issue with the dead, dry skin, we need to start treating it as a systemic issue. With daily attention, we can alleviate these symptoms long term AND give our other body systems a boost as well as work in some “you” time. Because the most important act you can do daily is to pause and focus on maintaining a happy healthy you.

Have you ever heard of gharshana, or what is commonly known as dry-brushing?

Gharshana promotes lymphatic cleansing, helping to remove cellular waste products (ama).

In general, you may have heard of dry brushing before a shower as a basic, one-size-fits-all step in your cleansing routine. But one size fits all is not what we do here. Remember, we must look at the whole person and tailor our wellness rituals to the individual and their constitution (dosha). If you want more detail, give us a call! We’d love to help you learn more about YOUR dosha and how to best cultivate rituals tailored specifically to you!

While dry brushing, gharshana, is best done in the morning before bathing because of its stimulating properties, just fitting it into your day is the most important. So, don’t get hung up on the technicalities. Dive in!

Remember how you established the perfect ambiance for your abhyanga and other wellness rituals? Do the same for your gharshana.

Warm the room, light some candles, turn on some music, and take care of your body! Once you are ready to begin, grab your gloves or dry-brush and get ready to stimulate your skin, lymphatic, nervous, & circulatory systems. It is going to feel so good, promise!

Gharshana is performed before your abhyanga and is...vigorous.

Abyhanga takes anywhere from 10-20 minutes and gharshana takes 5 to 10 minutes to complete. You have time in your day.

The work itself is meant to be completed with intention. Strokes should be directed towards the heart with circular strokes over the joints, buttocks, and stomach and long sweeping strokes on the arms and legs. When working in circular motions on the appropriate areas, begin with counter-clockwise movements to move stagnant energy away and follow with clockwise motions to invite positive flow in. Begin at the feet and work upward to the torso, then to the neck. If your skin is sensitive, apply lighter pressure. On the ‘thicker’ areas apply firm pressure.

This ritual will help encourage the body via stimulation to work as a whole to improve:

*Muscle tone

*Skin texture

*Support digestion

*Support a healthy metabolism

*Prevent stagnation by improving lymphatic circulation

*Stimulate the circulatory system, increasing blood flow & movement

*Support a natural detoxification process

Want to try it but not sure where to start? Our Herbal Sauna Wrap treatment is the perfect way to experience what dry-brushing feels like. What should you expect? Before your wrap, your practitioner will work to stimulate your body to prepare it for the herbal oil and promote the detoxification the sauna wrap facilitates.

Another option is the Plant Essence Massage which also showcases the benefits of dry-brushing. It is dreamy and leaves you feeling ready to take on whatever your day brings.

We also have a new service at The Pushy Goat focused solely on this daily ritual. Our Gharshana treatment is amazing as a stand alone treatment or complimentary to any massage session. Whether your goal is a grounding, uplifting, or chakra balancing session, gharshana prepares the body to receive the plant essence oils.

Need these treatments in your life? Give us a call and book an appointment today. We got you!

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