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Stay at Home/Quarantine Foot Massage

We know that life right now is a little crazy, most of us can't even recall what day of the week it is! Because life is so crazy we know that finding a new "normal" can be challenging. We hope that you all are working on creative daily routines to keep you active. I know that my list of things to do around the house is slowly but surely (and maybe not so slowly) getting shorter and shorter.

It is so easy to get stuck in the binge-watching rut and the lack of mobility in our daily lives is dwindling for some. However, an object in motion stays in motion! Keep those joints and muscles moving people! The next time you are hanging on the couch watching a movie...or the depressing news...grab your own foot or the foot of the loved one next to you and work through this easy to follow foot massage protocol!

Then, book a service with us for when we get to return! We know you will need it!

Lots of love from all the Goats!

At Home Foot Massage Protocol:

1. Warm-up Twists : This is going to help us warm up the foot in order to prepare it for more massage!

  • Warm your hands and place your palms on either side of your “clients” feet

  • Gently pull the right or left side forward while pushing the alternate side back

  • Repeat this twisting motion, working the and from the ankle to the toes and back down

2. Arch Rubs

  • Hold the top of the foot with one hand & with your fingers of your other hand, rub along the length of the arch of the foot

  • Work repeatedly (at least 3 times) from the heel of the foot toward the ball of the foot

3. Toe Bends : One of my favorites...I like to add a gentle pull on each toe as well!

  • As you hold the foot with one hand, bend all the toes back and forth at the same time with the opposite hand

  • Repeat this super nice movement that stretches the toes and the whole foot several times while gently increasing the pressure. As you increase pressure, you will notice your loved one’s feet loosening up and increasing in flexibility! Nice work!

4. Heel Squeeze : Awesome at facilitating the release of tension at the back of the foot!

  • Hold the top of the foot with one hand and the heel with the other hand

  • Squeeze & release the back of the heel at least three times

5. Knuckle/Fist work : this one is a gem! Be careful though to not work too deeply...contrary to popular belief, NO PAIN NO GAIN is NOT a thing when it comes to massage!

  • Hold the back of the foot with one hand and make a fist with the other

  • Place the hand that is in a fist on against the bottom of the foot and knead the bottom of the foot using moderate pressure

  • Repeat this working from the ball of the foot to the heel

6. Thumb Work & Pressure Points : Again, this move is the jam! Just be careful! We don’t want you to hurt yourself OR your loved one!

  • As you hold the foot , place your hands on either side

  • Starting at the top of the foot, place your thumbs on the bottom side of the foot on the toe pads.

  • Now, use those miracle workers and stroke down on each toe...move to the ball of the foot & repeat the downward all the way to the heel of the foot in the same fashion

7. Top and Side Circles : This move is pretty basic, but super relaxing & still gets that blood moving!

  • Use both hands to support the foot from below, extend those magic fingers and use them to make circles around the ankle on either side

  • Keep working in a continual motion from the ankles onto the feet and up those little piggies...even the one that went to market :)

  • Add a gentle pull to each little piggy at then end

8. Finishing Strokes

  • Repeat step one to finish and work on the other foot...don’t leave them lopsided!

If you are both chilling on the couch...prop your feet up on your partner and work on each other at the same time! Happy Massage Time Everyone! Peace & Love

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