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2019 Fundraiser: It is because of YOU that we are able to do what we do!

Thank you to everyone that supported our fundraising event in 2019!

Whether through monetary donation, donation of services or items from other local businesses, donation of time or with words of encouragement, your support not only brought shoes and school supplies to children here in Wichita at TOP Early Learning Centers, but also food, hygiene products, schools supplies, shoes & educational toys to children and families in Los Pinos, Jinotega, Nicaragua.

We just returned to our daily lives here at home and I wanted to share with you some images that were captured by family as we handed out all the goodies! Christmas is always a meaningful time in our hearts, but 2019 was one for the books!!

I hope you all know ho much each and every one of you means to us here at The Pushy Goat, but now to families in Wichita and Central America as well!

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