From The Ground Up

Stop for a moment. Take a look at the world around you. Take a peak at your life and what you have created for yourself. How does it make you feel? Grateful? Overwhelmed? Fearful? Excited? A combination of all the above and so much more? I've felt, and still feel all those things. I still wake up some mornings and the first thing that hits me is fear. Fear of failure, fear of not being authentic or genuine enough. Fear of being misunderstood. On those mornings I have a choice to make. I can wallow in that fear and let it consume my thoughts, feelings and actions of the day OR I can Stuart Smiley myself to death and keep looking and moving forward.

Last month I was fortunate enough to sit down and have a chat about The Pushy Goat & my journey to not only arriving at the name, but at this point in my life. I really wanted to share this article with you to let you know that if you are feeling overwhelmed or fearful or any other negative thought that may run through your head, you are just the opposite. It is possible to live up to a higher potential. I doubt myself (almost) every day. I try to embrace this doubt, to grow and to improve not only my life, but hopefully those lives around me. I hope that taking a gander at this article & even this blog helps you to see the strength in your own journey. (P.S. click the word article to take a peep at it!)

Seeing the abbreviated article of my life, "The Pushy Goat, Following a Journey" (see what I do every time I type article?) was such a crazy experience. Not just because I couldn't believe I would get an article written about me, the business and everything else, but it gave me a linear representation of my journey so far. Hello, that is the point, I KNOW! While it seemed a little unreal, the most overwhelming part was that it almost seemed complete. Almost.

I am extremely lucky to be working with a group of women that support each other and the growth of the business. Morgan has been there from nearly the start, joining me at the tail end of my first year. She has been a cheerleader, a shoulder to cry on, a bit of a pain (kidding, you know I love you Morgan) and a stellar person to have alongside to watch this whole thing grow - - out of control at times. Anh has been a such a ple