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Coffee with the Goats: Thai Yoga Massage

Today, we take a moment...a coffee-less moment eek tell you a LITTLE bit about Thai Yoga Massage! Because our space (and talent) is limited, I wanted to borrow from Michael Sitzer, a Thai Yoga Trainer to provide a small video demonstration of what Thai Yoga Massage is like.

Today, we have a special guest, Anh, one of our talented massage therapists that is ready to hit the ground running in May helping me with all of our clients wanting to try this next-level massage technique. I brought Thai Yoga Massage into The Pushy Goat back in November, taking it off the table and onto our traditional Thai Mat. Now we have, thanks to my parents, a dedicated space for this practice as it continues to grow. I was lucky enough to be trained 13 (+) years ago from a young lady from Thailand. She had grown up practicing this modality as part of her everyday self-care and care of family. She then went on to become formally trained and begin her work on her first cruise ship, which is where I met her. Thanks to Mayla, I fell in love with a modality that I continued to explore and can now bring to everyone in our herd and all you prospective goats out there.

Once again, thank you all for watching! We hope to see you soon!

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