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Massages so relaxing, you’ll fart!

Morgan, the Derma Goat, and I had the pleasure (and so many laughs) to work with & come up with this fun little video! It was a great effort on everyone’s part. Thanks to everyone there for producing it and putting up with me & my idea. I think it was all worth it!

We hope to give you some insight into who we are and what we do at The Pushy Goat! While I continue (and struggle to keep up with from time to time) to update our website, sometimes it’s just easier said in visual format. Follow the link to check out the video! Follow us and give it a share!

At The Pushy Goat we are dedicated to providing professional, unique & customized therapeutic services. We cater each service to the individual on our table. We are striving to maintain an excellent level of customer service while providing you with top-notch holistic treatments. Only two years into business we feel like we have established (and continue to perfect) a strong foundation. We have growth on the mind, but won’t sacrifice quality to do so.

Our clients have always and will always continue to come first. We recognize that without you, we wouldn’t exist. In order to thank you and the community for spreading all the good vibes (and word of mouth advertising!) I continue to think of ways to improve your experience. In doing so, I am dedicated to giving back and helping our community thrive. SO, not only will you leave feeling amazing because of the stellar services you have received, but you are going to leave feeling awesome because you will know that a portion of every service fee goes back into our community through local nonprofits. You can usually find these programs on our website under our “Community” tab. As of today, I have A LOT of organizations to update. Please, give me time! While it is important, I’d rather be working on the goats in our herd.

I am passionate about “Connecting Mind, Body & Community” and would love to answer any questions you may have! For now, we will slowly chip away, “making the world better one massage at a time!”


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