The Pushy Goat, No Excuses Needed.

The Pushy Goat’s humble beginnings, travel, education & communication with others inspired a deep yearning to have clients walk away feeling as though they’ve accomplished more than just a massage. Always striving to make a clients experience more personal AND more gratifying, Jennifer began The Pushy Goat knowing she wanted it to go beyond the individual. “Connecting Mind, Body & Community” has been a slogan since it’s fruition.

The Pushy Goat has dedicated itself to giving back more than one time a year. Since it’s start, a portion of the monthly revenue is donated back into local community non-profits in forms of gift certificates, cash & in some instances items needed by an organization. The first month we opened we built on our existing connection with the Museum of World Treasures and began supporting the Coffee with the Curator program. Through our open houses, customer appreciation parties & other events, we have since donated to programs like the Kansas K9-Resq,