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Wildfire Elixirs: Tonics for Wellness

I think it is time we talked about our favorite herbal tonics from Wildfire Elixirs. On my journey to find small-batch, sustainable products that complement our services & assist clients on their wellness journey, I stumbled upon this herbal gem. If you aren’t familiar with fire cider & its benefits, you have been missing out. Not to worry, I am going to get you all caught up!

What is fire cider?

The term, fire cider, was coined by herbalist, Rosemary Gladstar, in the ’70s but versions of this immunity elixir have been around for a lot longer. This elixir is a spicy herbal tonic that aids in supporting the immune system and is believed to ward off colds. But we know, it does so much more! With over 40 ingredients fire cider packs a punch & supports the healthy functioning of almost every organ system in the body with the overall goal of supporting immunity.

A brief history.

The fire cider that folks consume today is a variation of vinegar-based tinctures that have been around for over 2500 years. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, was the first to “prescribe” a vinegar-based oxymel to one of his patients in 400 BC. So, if something has been around that long, it has to be effective. Am I right?

All in the name.

Fire cider gets its name from spicy ingredients like horseradish, ginger, garlic, & hot peppers. In order to extract the helpful plant constituents, the mixture ferments for several weeks and creates a warming tonic that is rich in vitamins and antioxidants.

How to use fire cider.

While it is often consumed during the cold winter months as a way to support the immune system, I am a firm believer in prevention versus reaction. That being said, I recommend this tonic be taken year-round. I like to include mine as part of my morning routine because it warms me up and gets my blood pumping for the day! When consumed daily, taking 1-2 teaspoons is perfect. If you do start to feel a cold coming on or find yourself surrounded by others that are sick, I bump it up to at least a tablespoon a day. It may be intense for some people, so adding it to juice can help soften the blow. However, I love the sting of all the spicy ingredients. I pour mine into a shot glass and toss it back.

Why do we love Wildfire Elixirs?

It’s simple. Annie at Wildfire Elixirs uses quality ingredients used in small batches to ensure control over her product. It is savory, sweet, spicy, tangy, & delicious. Annie has a passion for health and wellness, creating unique blends that support overall immune health as well as tonics that have special affinities to support the health of other organ systems in the body. She has also worked with us to make a vegan option for her fire cider. She goes above and beyond to make sure her products are top-notch. She has also worked with us in order to bring you a sustainable refill option! We know how much you are going to love your wellness tonics, so we’ve made it easy to make sure you are always prepared.

If you are curious about fire cider, stop in and ask for a sample! Then, take this irresistible wellness tonic home with you!

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