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Client Communication: How to get the most out of your experience. Part One

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

You may be a newcomer to the world of holistic health or you may be a seasoned veteran, either way, it never hurts to go over what you should be communicating with your massage therapist, esthetician (and budding herbalist) before and during your session.

When scheduling your bodywork or skincare service it is important to make sure that we understand why you are coming in and what your goals may be. Of course, this isn’t a conversation we need to go in-depth with over the phone, but it can help to zero in on the service that best fits your needs.

Trust me, the ‘real talk’ begins when you fill out your consultation form and when you arrive for your appointment.

It is important to remember that your massage, skin care, or other holistic wellness service is your own, so of course, you have the power to customize your treatment to fit your goals.

So, make sure you clearly state those goals.

Please keep in mind, however, that your practitioner is the professional, so if you come in with lower back pain listed on your intake form, your massage therapist will not (or should not) just focus on that one point in your lower back. They should work on the entire muscle group surrounding the area as well.

Remember the “head, shoulders, knees and toes” song? Kind of like that! Everything is connected!

Beyond the goals you have in mind for the session it is also important to communicate anything you may be uncomfortable with or apprehensive about.

Not sure if you should remove your underwear? Ask!

Don’t like your feet to be massaged? Let us know!

It is also important to let us know if certain movements cause pain, so we avoid injuring you further.

It is also really important to list out any medications, injuries, etc. on your intake form so your practitioner can adapt the service for you even further.

Skincare treatments are affected by certain medications and without knowledge, your esthetician could inadvertently cause harm with certain products. Letting us know you are taking blood pressure medication, lets us know what techniques should be avoided and makes us aware of potential hazards that may come after you have been lying on the table for an hour or more. For instance, if you were to stand up too quickly you may get woozy. Or, it may be something that is contraindicated for your service, like pregnancy and the sauna. Your health and holistic well being is always at the center of everything we do.

Communication doesn’t end when your service begins.

During your treatment, you can speak as much as you would like, or not at all. Your practitioner should be able to discern whether you want to chat or chill.

Although, ALWAYS let your practitioner know if you are uncomfortable.

Things like the temperature of the room or table, if the pressure needs to be increased or decreased, if something that has been applied is causing irritation and any other thing that makes YOU feel less than comfortable.

We get it. Massage and body treatments especially can make a client feel more vulnerable. You are undressed in a private room getting touched by someone, it is COMPLETELY understandable. Especially if this is something new or you are with a new therapist, it is normal to feel a little uncomfortable.

Trust will develop over time and at the Pushy Goat you will always be safe and respected.

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