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Ayurvedic Ear Candling Ritual

Since ancient times, cultures have used this healing therapy on a spiritual level to cleanse & purify the aura. As the candle burns, the flicker creates vibrations on the eardrum, allowing you to relax. 

It is believed that ear candling can help to ease the sinus pressure & aid in the removal of debris in the ear canal. This service is complete with a soothing neck, shoulder, sinus, & scalp massage. Read more about ear candling here

A Note on Tiered Service Pricing:

Our Entry-level practitioners are talented, knowledgeable individuals looking to gain experience while building their clientele. They have been training in most modalities on our service menu & set aside time for continuing education whether that happens on location or in other areas. Our entry-level service pricing should in no way deter you from scheduling with these practitioners, instead see it as an opportunity to help shape their practice & be one of their founding clients!  Our Advanced practitioners have a few more years under their belt, a more established client list, & more cumulative continuing education. Our Expert level practitioners have several years of experience & limited availability on their schedules. While open to new clients, spaces are more limited. 

Please Note:

*Practitioners, services, & products at The PG are in no way meant to treat, diagnose, or prevent disease or any other health-related issue. Please acknowledge the 'scope of practice limitations of your provider.

*Our cozy space is located in an older, two-story home. If you have difficulty managing stairs, please let us know at the time of booking so we can be sure to accommodate you in one of the main floor treatment rooms. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Ear Candling

  • What is to ear candling?

    • Traditionally ear candling was used in healing and spiritual ceremonies, Native Americans kept this alive as it faded out in other cultures in other parts of the world.​ We know that as the candle gently burns down it is believed to act like a ‘chimney’ creating a light vacuum effect. The flicker of the flame also creates vibrations that massage the eardrum. The herbal vapors from the lit candle also swirl into the ear canal, helping to soothe and balance the individual. Most notably, heavy head from chronic mucus problems such as sinus congestion, postnasal drip, blocked nose, and ear pressure, is reported to dramatically decrease. One of my favorite results is the calming effect it has on our emotions and the gentle grounding sensation it gives.​​

  •  How does it work?

    • Looking at the element that is most present in this treatment, fire gives us some great insight. When we think of fire, what are the most common results? Warming & drying, right? Now, let us think of the symptoms above and the tissue states that correspond. When we consider mucus, sinus congestion, & postnasal drip, the dominant tissue states would be damp, moist, & stagnant. To balance this out, we would introduce herbs and treatments that would either nourish or alter those states. Utilizing the element of fire with ear candling alters not only the tissue state but the energy field around the individual receiving the treatment.

  • Can we diagnose ailments?​

    • No. As licensed massage practitioners, we are not able to diagnose or cure medical conditions.

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