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Reflexology can relieve stress and tension within the body. It improves circulation and lymphatic flow and works to unblock nerve impulse pathways. These benefits all work toward helping the body to heal itself by restoring balance to vital energies.

Below we have listed the length of the service, the investment,  & the overall benefits. Please use this information when scheduling in order to best meet your goals at your visit. 

A Note on Tiered Service Pricing:

Our Entry-level practitioners are talented, knowledgeable individuals looking to gain experience while building their clientele. They have been training in most modalities on our service menu & set aside time for continuing education whether that happens on location or in other areas. Our entry-level service pricing should in no way deter you from scheduling with these practitioners, instead see it as an opportunity to help shape their practice & be one of their founding clients!  Our Advanced practitioners have a few more years under their belt, a more established client list, & more cumulative continuing education. Our Expert level practitioners have several years of experience & limited availability on their schedules. While open to new clients, spaces are more limited. 

Benefits of Reflexology

  • Reduces swelling by improving circulation

  • Reduces stress and anxiety, and enhances relaxation and sleep

  • Stimulates nerve function

  • Encourages relaxation

  • Increases energy

  • Relieve symptoms of plantar fasciitis

Please Note:

*Practitioners, services, & products at The PG are in no way meant to treat, diagnose, or prevent disease or any other health-related issue. Please acknowledge the 'scope of practice limitations of your provider.

*Our cozy space is located in an older, two-story home. If you have difficulty managing stairs, please let us know at the time of booking so we can be sure to accommodate you in one of the main floor treatment rooms. 

Frequently Asked Questions:


  • What is Reflexology?

    • Reflexology is an alternative medicine. It involves applying pressure to the feet and hands. Our goal is to hit the pressure points located in the extremities, particularly in the feet and hands of the patient.

  • What should I wear?​

    • Loose, casual, and comfortable clothing is recommended.​ You will be reclined on our massage tables & given the option to be as comfortable as you wish. 

  • I have ticklish feet, can I still receive reflexology?

    • Firstly, reflexology is not a gentle massage, it involves various degrees of pressure and probing certain reflex points – most clients I have treated who have worried about ticklish feet have been able to settle into the treatment without any problems. However, if we find an area on the feet that is just ‘too tickly to treat’ we can switch it up & accommodate the ticklish area. ​

    • I have found over the years that while some people are just ticklish, others experience tickling sensations as a result of pain. This can be worked through with regular bodywork. 

  • Can we diagnose ailments?​

    • No. As licensed massage practitioners, we are not able to diagnose or cure medical conditions. Your feet may indicate areas that are congested or out of balance within your body and we will be able to discuss what we find but if you have questions regarding a medical condition you should see your G.P.​

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