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Herbal Apothecary & Mercantile


I am closing in on the end of my Vitalist Herbalist program and currently working on perfecting services that take an even more tailored approach for you.  I couldn't be more excited to begin to add Herbalism Consultations to give you a more in-depth look at  the "root of the problem" or just maintain your body's level of happiness.


I have been diligently working to understand how we can use the natural world and herbal remedies used for thousands of years to help facilitate us all becoming the best versions of ourselves. 

Third Eye

As I grow as an herbalist & practitioner, I want to surround myself with more like-minded people. Do you enjoy taking care of clients & encouraging overall health & wellness? If you do, The PG might be the space for you to practice and grow.

I started my business renting a friend's basement and very quickly moved into the space we are currently in. With all of that fast change & fast growth things started to feel 'out of my control'. I have taken the opportunities the last two years have given me to cultivate the space to grow in the direction I WANT it to grow. This means we are still facing growing pains, but we all know that while they may be 'painful' during the process, the outcomes can be magnificently beautiful. 

If you want to walk this path with us, please visit this page to find out how!

As we get closer to moving into our new location, we are in search of some help! If you are interested in holistic wellness, customer service, & learning the spa world please reach out. We are looking for evening and weekend help. 

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