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Licensed Massage Therapist

All About Me

Working as an LMT has always been a dream of mine, and my dedication to my family plays a huge role in my coming to this profession later in life. I love helping others through their health & healing journeys, and with my massage practice, I become closer every day to spending my life diving into this passion & purpose. I have been a long-time migraine sufferer. My own struggles and ability to empathize with clients have encouraged me to dive deeper into specializing in easing those that struggle with migraines, headaches, tension, etc. Along with migraine management treatments, I have a few other passions and am excited to work on expanding my education in areas that include cupping, ayurvedic healing, and holistic medicine. I am excited about the opportunity to work with you and feel like I will be able to add to the magic at The Pushy Goat.






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