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Licensed Massage Therapist & Energy Healer

All About Me

Gabriella comes to The Pushy Goat from Body & Soul where she completed her education. As a new Licensed Massage Therapist, Gabriella tells me that she is excited to start exploring her career and all the possibilities the future holds. Though, she is not entirely new to the wellness industry. She began her holistic wellness journey when she became attuned as a Level 2 Reiki Practitioner. As she begins her journey with us I am hopeful that Gabriella’s experience working with the energetic level of the person can only bring goodness & an extra level of healing support to her massages. 

Gabriella has bright & playful energy about her, you will often see her with a smile on her face & a giggle soon to follow! As an entry-level LMT, Gabriella is working to gain hands-on hours & experience. The more she works, the more she learns. Gabriella has mentioned that she really enjoys therapeutic touch & working towards clients’ goals on their healing journey!






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