The Goats

May we introduce ourselves?

Pepper Ann, the boss

Pepper Ann
I am not bossy. I AM the boss...

... mic drop.

Buck, marketing guru

Immature is a word boring people use to describe fun people... I'm immature

You'll never have to wonder where you stand with me. I'll lay it out how it is ... like it, or don't. Nietzche sums me up nicely ... "Some people don't like to hear the truth because they don't want their illusions destroyed."

Jenn Sauer, owner / head goat/ mentor/ 

muscle whisperer

You better re-book, or you'll be sleepin' with the fishes.

My passion is life. I've had the good fortune to have traveled extensively and learn about cultures across the globe. While I am a Certified Massage Therapist with nearly 20 years experience in a variety of spas, I am more so a student of society, culture and people.

I see massage and the many associated holistic therapies as a way that I can make an impact in this world at an individual as well as community level.

In my treatment room, you will experience therapies that will bring you to a healthier place and I believe that impact goes beyond those four walls - your interaction with your community is altered too. A healthy body and mind translates to better relationships in all aspects of your life.  

Head Massage
Take care of your body, it's the only place you have to live. 

I always knew that I wanted to help people and about ten years ago I figured out that my hands could do the trick! Out of curiosity, I signed up to tour your Heritage College and two days later I was on my way to the world of massage! My personal favorites are deep tissue and prenatal, but anything that allows me to help others start to heal physically and mentally is right up my alley!

Morgan Walter, the derma goat,  & esthetician

Be your own kind of beautiful.

Skincare has always been my passion. I graduated from American Academy of Cosmetology in 2009 with a License in Aesthetics. After finishing up my Bachelor's degree at Kansas State University in Decemember of 2010, I set out to find a job in Kansas City. It was there that I started my career in aesthetics and found myself with my dream career.

Dr. Sara Bollenbach, Chiropractor

Snap, Crackle, AHHHHHHH!

Dr. Sara  was raised in Little River, Kansas. She graduated from Little River High School in 2005 and is a graduate of Cowley County Community College, where she achieved her Associate of Science Degree. Dr. Sara went on to earn a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology and Doctorate of Chiropractic Degree from Cleveland Chiropractic College (CCC) in Overland Park, Kansas.

Dr. Sara focuses on the treatment of spine related ailments through the use of adjustments with the help of acupuncture to enhance the healing process and promote optimal health. She sees a variety of patients – newborn to elderly, moms and dads, athletes and weekend warriors.


Dr. Sara is in the process of specialty training and certification through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA – She is Webster Technique Certified through the ICPA.