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What to expect when visiting The Pushy Goat.

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

For all of last year, you heard from me and the other “goats”, so with the NEW year we wanted to offer you a little different perspective. We recently welcomed another person into our little family, and she’s fitting in swimmingly! Alyssa will be helping with scheduling appointments and product education, among other things. She’ll also help our lives run more smoothly so our attention can be more focused on you, our clients!

Since Alyssa is brand new to The Pushy Goat, we couldn’t think of anyone better to give you a fresh look at what we have going on. This is her take:

“What is it like coming to the Pushy Goat for the first time? What is the vibe of the place? What are the service providers and employees like?” These are all great questions to ask before choosing where to book your next spa service!

At the Pushy Goat, you step into a tranquil, inviting space where it feels like you’re in another dimension. It smells amazing and has the best lighting - a perfect balance of ambient and natural light. Calming music plays in the background as you look over a vast inventory of natural and organic products. You’re provided prompt, amazing service as soon as you walk in.

You are greeted by smiling faces ready to offer a beverage and start your relaxing experience. Even the bathroom is a peaceful spot - important for not disturbing your vibe should you need to pop in before your service. There are even cotton hand towels and awesome recycled toilet paper - it’s all about helping save Mother Earth in any way possible!

Did I mention the furniture and overall aesthetic of this space is also awesome? An amazing handmade desk and inventory shelves give a unique, authentic vibe. Vintage chairs invite you to lounge should you have time to do so. There’s a certain balance of nature and humanity - you can tell they are one in the same in this space, and they are cherished.

Each staff member is not only extremely knowledgeable, they’re eager to share and connect with you. As healers, it’s their job to connect with clients individually, meeting you where you are. The Pushy Goat is all things holistic; the approach is mind, body, and spirit connected as one. You are, without a doubt, going to enjoy talking with any one of the people working here. With their bright, joyful spirits, you can tell they are passionate about what they do. Each person is authentically themselves. It’s important to tap into your soul and feed it what it needs; they definitely do that here - for themselves and their clients.

Products from wholesome companies who strive to nurture the environment and use the gifts of nature instead of harsh chemicals are available in the store. There are skin and body care products from Eminence, and they are divine. If you’re into incense, they have a collection of organic sick incense and even room spray, all of which smell amazing. There are even sage bundles with different cleansing properties to help with your own personal environment. Interested in essential oils? There’s a fantastic selection for a variety of needs. You can also find different tonics and elixirs to add to your daily routine so you can approach life from a wholesome, holistic approach from the inside!

If it’s amazing to read about, can you imagine what it’s like to actually walk through the front door? Give it a try!

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