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Healing whole people with whole plants.

Greetings friends!

I hope you all are doing well. I wanted to give you all an “update” on my herbalism 🌿 course, but I guess it’s more of a foundational understanding of what it is. 🌿

This course will take me a year to complete, or should. If you know me, you know I tend to pile a lot on my plate and spread myself thin. With business reopening I am actually finding myself more focused and driven to complete my education and begin bringing these services to fruition at The Pushy Goat. 🐐

I couldn’t be more excited. Even my dad is getting in on the action by beginning to help me grow herbs in his greenhouse. How cool is that?!

I feel like I have always approached by massage practice in a holistic manner, referring people out and encouraging people to seek help from professionals in other areas to bring complete wellness to their life. As I progress through school I am getting a deeper understanding of the relationship between people, plants, and the wholeness of life itself.

To take it to a deeper level, true holistic herbalism is said to understand that plants can heal the body and facilitate the evolution of consciousness, which supports our souls journey of becoming the best version of ourselves.

What we are seeing more of in today’s approach to wellness is an emphasis on allopathic medicine that gets too focused on SYMPTOMS and muting those symptoms instead of seeing it as a LANGUAGE our bodies are using to communicate when something is “off”.

My goal as I progress through my education and then begin to bring my knowledge into my practice and help people is to look at remedies that take into consideration the holistic essence of plants and the person.

To “heal is to evolve” and to “evolve is to heal”. A journey I am currently on as an individual. I’m so excited to change, grow and focus on my own personal development and I know this will all be such a benefit when I am able to share more and more with each of you.

Thank you for all your continued support and love and I hope that you all stick around for what’s next for me personally & professionally.

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