Let's talk business ...

Cancellation Policy

The Pushy Goat needs 24 hours notice. If you cancel with less than that, they have to charge you 50% of the service price. Don't make them be those guys. Someone else definitely wanted your spot, don't be lame. Respect the time man. The Pushy Goat is cool, she does understand emergencies.

Due to some unruliness in the herd, some changes are needing to be made. If you no-show or last-minute cancel three times, you can still schedule. However, the fee will be 100% of the service booked and in some instances we may ask you to pre-pay for your appointment. 

**Updates 11/1/18**

Thank you for scheduling your service(s) with us at The Pushy Goat.

Cancellation Policy: We require 24 hours notice to change or cancel an appointment. In the event that we are not given 24 hours notice, your card will be charged 50% of the original service fee. If you have 2+ services booked we will charge 100% of the service fees. For those "bad eggs" that have last minute cancelled or no-showed two (2) times, we will always charge you 100% of the service and we reserve the right to require pre-payment or partial deposit. 

Any issues or questions may be directed towards Jennifer. 

Don't Be Tardy For The Party

You know the time of your appointment, you scheduled it together with The Pushy Goat. Plus, they emailed and texted reminders. The Goat is a busy goat, and can't extend the time - someone is eagerly awaiting their scheduled massage after yours. Please be on time.


Please don't get them sick. Call if you are contagious. She understands illnesses, they get sick too. Don't get The Goat sick.


Quiet your cellphones. Step outside to make calls - after all, you aren't the only person here to enjoy a relaxing service. Be mindful of others. Let's be real, we are in an old creaky building and have some street noise, let's not compound it with cell phones ringing. 

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates may be purchased online or in person. Sometimes online is easier though! They are made for dollar amount instead of specific services in case they change or they want something different!

We apologize for any inconvenience, but gift certificates may only be used for services. We can't add  gratuity to the gift certificates or redeem the gratuity on a gift certificate. Gift Certificates must be present to be redeemed. Unfortunately due to people taking advantage of the honor system, we now have to really enforce this rule. Bummer, I know. It's the system man! Also, we can't use gift certificates for product. Just how the cookie crumbles.

*Any Gift Certificate more than 1 year old must be scheduled with Jennifer as of September 1, 2018 

*No Refunds on purchase of gift certificates.


If there are any concerns, please tell The Goat. They will handle them. If you have something nice to say, tell them that too. They love that. Reviews are welcome and encouraged (especially if it's to tell the world how awesome The Pushy Goat is). Click a button below to give props to The Pushy Goat ...


Again, if there are any concerns please talk to your Head Goat, Jennifer. We strive to personalize every service, remain professional but have fun and enjoy life as well. That being said, we offer PROFESSIONAL services at The Pushy Goat. We won't disrespect you and we won't tolerate disrespect from you. We are all just goats trying to live life to the fullest, enjoy our careers and help people. 

Please remember (insert official consent of care!) it is your choice to receive services from The Pushy Goat. You also have to understand that there is no guarantee that we can fix your problems, especially in one visit. We will do our best to accommodate and help you achieve the desired results. You should also acknowledge that we don't offer services that replace or should be considered a substitute for medical care and we can't, won't and don't want to diagnose you. By scheduling your appointment and filling out our intake form, you acknowledge that you have disclosed all pertinent medical care, issues, etc. and you should probably update us if any of that changes. Cool? Hey, while we are at it, we are professionals with YEARS of experience. We want what is best for you! So, if we give you homework it would be amazing if you would try to follow through! It makes everyone's life easier!