Pepper Ann

I turned 17 on August 20, 2020. Jennifer and I have been best friends for all 17 of those years. Some people would say that I am spoiled, I would just say my mom knows how to love me. 

Mom and I have been through a lot together, even living in our car, trips on airplanes, and everything in between. When we started The Pushy Goat, my job was to make everyone feel welcome and to make my rounds ensuring all was in order for the day. As time has passed, my role here has changed. I took a break for a while because I got sick, then my mom just wanted to be extra careful. I am now back at work part-time and you will often find me in the corner of the treatment room with my fan bringing me a nice cool breeze. I like to sleep a lot and love it when my friends tell me "Hello". Please don't startle me though, I have trouble hearing and I can't see anymore. 

Come in and take a nap with me!

Freaking Amazing Muscle Whisperers.

A.K.A The Best Massage Therapists EVER.

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