My Online Booking is limited, but I am happy to see new clients, especially for my new and upcoming services! Please call 316-425-0055 or email thepushygoat@gmail.com if you have a challenging time finding something online.

Wow! It's been almost 20 years since I began my journey as a Licensed Massage Therapist. 

Twenty years is a long time and though it feels like it as I reminisce on a lifetime of opportunity and growth Massage has given me, it also feels as though no time has passed. 

Always on a journey, I strive to continue to grow every day to become the best version of myself and to bring that into the lives of every client I meet. I am extremely fortunate enough to be the bright spot in so many people's day, week, or year. I have travelled across the world working as a Massage Therapist and I bring that culture and understanding to every service I give. Even in times of stress, massage and my clients have brought me gratitude. I am lucky.


I began school to become a Certified Vitalist Herbalism at the beginning of 2020 before all the craziness ensued. Though, I wouldn't say this is a path I just began walking.

I've always been on the path of self-discovery, wanting to live an honest and fulfilling life. Because of that, I have been fortunate enough to explore cultures not only in the classroom studying Biocultural Anthropology but while working aboard cruise ships with co-workers and neighbours from every country in the world. I am also an avid traveller and love to experience the people and the cultures of every place I visit. 

Someone recently called me the "Indiana Jones of Plants". First, I would like to mention how my heart fluttered. Indiana Jones was my jam when I was a kid and whom I wanted to be when I grew up! Though, I could do with a bit less adrenaline. The Vitalist Herbalist path I am currently walking is bringing so much excitement and joy into my life. I am a natural problem solver and like to dive into the layers of a problem or issue and get to the root of the problem. 

I hope I see you on my massage table soon or meeting you for a Herbalism consultation. Until then, stay tuned for updates to my Herbalism Blog and new services being offered.  

Service Prices
*Subject to change*

Integrative Massage  (30/60/90/120M) ($70/100/150/215)
Herbal Ayurvedic Scalp Massage (30M) ($80)
Plant Essence Massage (60/90M) ($110/160)
Integrative Thai Yoga Massage (90/120M) ($175/230)
Prenatal Massage (70M) ($125)
Reiki (30/60M) ($45/70)
Reflexology (30M) ($60)
Gharshana (45M) ($95)
Chhootana (75M) ($135)
Herbal Sauna Wrap Treatment (45/60M) ($60/75)
Ayurvedic Ear Candling (30/60M) ($70/100)

Herbalism Consultations Coming Soon!


Massage, KS # 41998

Education / Certifications

School of Evolutionary Herbalism

      Vitalist Herbal Practitionar Program

Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies

     2013 - Thai Yoga Massage;
     Exploring the Fundamentals of Ayurvedic


Western Washington University
    2010 - B.A., Biocultural Anthropology

Stiener Training Ltd. 

     2005 - London, England

Source Vital and The College of Holistic Studies
     2004 - Spa Modalities, Therapeutic Massage,


The Academy of Massage Therapy Training
     2003 - WorkSmart Method of Massage

National Institute for Health Sciences &
The Austin School of Massage Therapy
     2002 - Therapeutic Massage Certification