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Thank you for taking the time to visit our Fundraiser Event page! If you are one of the few that can't make it to the party on the 24th, please take a moment to DO SOMETHING GOOD. As everyone (should) know, I (Jenn) have always felt that if given a platform or avenue to provide help to others, one should take it.

I am proud to say that since The Pushy Goat opened 4 years ago, it was my mission to contribute not only to the local, but global communities by donating a portion of our service fees every month to non-profits.

Our Annual Customer Appreciation Party is not only important because we want to showcase YOU, but we want to take this opportunity to help other’s out as well.

This year, our CARNIVAL themed party at the original Pushy Goat location (parking on the east side of Lorraine Ave) will be donating our PARTY PROCEEDS (from all the fun and exciting games, raffles and more!) to TOP Early Learning Centers in Wichita and The Youth of Los Pinos, Jinotega, Nicaragua.

Party Pictures are in! Here is the link and also a few! Thank you all for being there! If you would like to continue to help us raise funds for both causes, please reach out! We have already donated a portion of the proceeds from the event to TOP and have our adventure planned to hand-deliver the other portion from that night to the community in Nicaragua.

TOP Early Learning Centers

The Opportunity Project’s (TOP) mission is to deliver a high-quality early learning experience to children living in poverty, providing them the tools needed for emotional, academic and lifelong success. 

With 33 classrooms in 3 different schools, TOP not only works with students living in poverty, but reaches out to the family with initiatives to educate and assist parents as well as the child.  Positive family outcomes are a high priority for TOP, making it a place where struggling families are given opportunities to better their lives. 


• $500 provides an entire classroom with a NEW PAIR of shoes for each student.

•Books for the classroom libraries.

-Extra pants/shirts for children (sizes 12 months through 5T)

-Funds to create emergency funds for families to help when they need food/clothing/lice kits/small bills/etc.



The People of Los Pinos, Jinotega, Nicaragua 

Los Pinos is a small community located 5 km (3.11 miles) from the city of Jinotega, Nicaragua and adjacent to the municipal dump. Los Pinos has a small population consisting of 100 people including children, adolescents, adults and the elderly. This is an extremely poor community without educational opportunities due to scarce resources, whether food or monetary. 

The Municipal dump of Jinotega is located at the edge of a cliff. Trucks dump garbage off the edge and the heavy winds carry the garbage. This has resulted in the small shanty town of Los Pinos. People, including children, are engaged in garbage collection and recycling by climbing down the cliff side in order to provide a small wage for their families. With an income of $3/day working 5 days or more a week, it is easy to see why this community is in need of help and love from the outside world. You don’t have to visit this place to be aware of the feelings of injustice and helplessness this community faces on a daily basis. Observing the images provided you see faces of children living in an environment not by choice but because of the scarce resources and opportunities provided to them. 

The Pushy Goat has become involved in initiatives to help this community by way of a friend, Juan Barberena. A Native of Nicaragua, Juan’s passion for this community began because of the similarities drawn to his own life. Living as a child with feelings of helplessness and misunderstandings of why others had a life different then his own guided his feelings of empathy towards the individuals of this area. He’s raised money providing a special Christmas for these children and families, and this year, with your help, we’d like to raise the bar. Not only providing tangible gifts, food and clothing for the children and their families to last a season, but giving the gift of HOPE. Hope in a world that often seems hopeless.

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