What is The Pushy Goat?

A small, quirky spa focusing on excellent customer service and personalized holistic spa treatments. As a team, we are dedicated in offering you a holistic and aromatic experience that will prove to be beyond extraordinary. We are dedicated to your wellbeing and promise to provide one of a kind, personalized treatments that will enhance the quality of your life beyond our treatment rooms.

Purpose / Mission / Philosophy

The Pushy Goat’s goal is to bring quality, unique and client-centered services to the spa industry in Wichita. We understand at The Pushy Goat that the good vibes should radiate beyond the treatment room because how we feel on the inside affects our lives on the outside.  A healthy body and mind translates to better relationships in all aspects of your life.

At The Pushy Goat we see massage and the many associated holistic therapies as a way to make a greater impact in the world on and individual and community level. That is why a portion of every service at The Pushy Goat goes right back to the community. Please check out our community page to see what all we are involved in!