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At The Pushy Goat we believe helping hands should and can reach much farther than the massage table. That is why a portion of every service at The Pushy Goat goes right back to the community.

There are SO MANY non-profits we give back to. EVERY MONTH in fact. Jenn is honestly too busy and too forgetful to remember to update the page. 
Coffee With The Curator

We believe in the power of knowledge and the importance of learning about the world. Which is why we sponsor this monthly event. Delve into history at the Museum of World Treasures at 9 a.m. every third Thursday. Enjoy breakfast while learning from speakers around Wichita. 

Museum of World Treasures
Heifer International

By supporting Heifer International, we are helping to empower small-scale farmers across the globe to achieve secure livelihood while making an impact in their local economies and provide secure food sources for their communities. Helping hands reach much farther than the massage table  

Heifer International

Freaking Amazing Muscle Whisperers.

A.K.A The Best Massage Therapists EVER.

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