Skincare Extraordinaire

Hi! I’m Annie, and I am an adventure loving, dog mama, art loving, vegan gal who can’t wait to be a part of The Pushy Goat family. 


I am an esthetician striving to make others feel confident in their own skin. I became interested in my own skin (not knowing the term “esthetician”) and enjoyed doing research to find the best products for my skin and encouraged others to try the same. About a year ago, I was a full time nanny and decided I was ready to search for my future career. I was interested in beauty school as a high schooler, so I further researched beauty schools and found the esthetics program- which described what I was passionate about. I knew this was the field for me and was beyond excited when I realized my love for skincare could be a career. I made an appointment and enrolled in the esthetics program at EFA, and I knew it was meant to be, as I felt butterflies in my stomach from such anticipation and excitement. 


I thoroughly enjoyed learning everything about esthetics while in school, and could hardly wait to begin my career. I can’t wait to connect with my lovely future clients and help them along their skin care journey, or just be a place they can come to relax. I look forward to meeting with you soon and making your skin ✨glow!✨

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