Licensed Massage Therapist

Hi! My name is Aliah, but you can call me Ali! I graduated from an 11-hour program at Wellspring School of Allied Health in June 2020 with a degree in Integrative Massage & Wellness. 

I have been having a blast at The PG since July 2019 performing front desk duties, but I am so excited to finally be seeing clients for a massage! I have an intense affinity for Eastern methods like aromatherapy, warm stones, and energy work. 

I believe my calling in life is to serve people through healing touch. I am interested in exploring the trauma-sphere of massage, and being able to lift my client's anxieties and long-term pain through a firm and intuitively guided touch. 

The Pushy Goat is a place I really thrive because though I can be quirky and high-energy, I bring a soft comfort and intention to my massages that let my clients know I am here to help them.