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Licensed Massage Therapist

All About Me

Where should I begin? 

Growing up in Wichita, I have always been an avid bookworm and artist. The fantastical and extraordinary have always been my preference, daydreaming my way through public education with thoughts of wizards and hobbits and space-faring pirates.


I have always wanted to do something that felt 'big' to me. Something that meant something, both to me and whoever was involved. I graduated early and spent some years dabbling in a little bit of everything, following my nose from one skillset to the other whenever I caught a whiff of fascination and rounded myself into quite the Jack-of-all-trades and yet, master of none. Seemingly noticing my restlessness, it was then that an acquaintance told me about a little school nestled in the east side of Wichita, a place where I might find somewhere for my feet to land. 

As a recent graduate of Body & Soul Therapeutic Massage, that was where everything changed for me, and my eyes were opened to the vast and endless possibilities of massage therapy. A veritable treasure trove of specializations and further education! A 'big thing' that I could do, something I was good at and that I loved deeply, that could bring real meaning to my life and to others. Once I placed my hands on that first student volunteer and effleuraged my way through that first toe-dip into Swedish massage, I can't deny that I was hooked.


Massage is a very intuitive thing, and I find it to be very similar to illustrating, using that very same creative energy, and as such feels very natural to me! I am very excited and eager to see where my time as a Goat takes me, and can't wait to flourish and blossom within my practice alongside all of you!  






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